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3 – 7 June 2019, Koszalin, Poland

Central European Civil Engineering Meeting 2019 (CECEM 2019) will take place at Koszalin University of Technology (Faculty of Civil Engineering,  Environmental and Geodetic Sciences), Poland. The meeting is organized as a combined ERASMUS+ and CEEPUS event. CECEM 2019 will have both Staff Training (STT) and Staff Teaching (STA) character. After the event a monograph entitled “Research & Modelling in Civil Engineering 2019” will be published. The monograph will be edited by prof. Jacek Katzer and prof. Krzysztof Cichocki and it will consist of chapters prepared by willing attendees of CECEM 2019. Including chapters in the monograph will be free of charge. Colleagues from partner and non-partner institutions are encouraged to take part in the event. Participants are expected to obtain Erasmus+, CEEPUS or other grants from their home Institutions. If needed, organizers will assist with booking suitable transportation and accommodation.

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